The arrival of Spring Boot in Practice Book

Spring Boot in Practice is a Spring Boot book from Manning Publications due to be released this year. A practical Spring Boot guide that aims to provide a solid foundation on Spring Boot and provides an in-depth discussion on several core Spring Boot features such as auto-configurations, actuator, security, and several new features such as reactive Spring Boot, WebSocket, Kotlin DSLs, GraalVM, and many more.

Somnath Musib
2 min readMar 27, 2021


Spring Boot in Practice is a Spring Boot book that covers dozens of handy Spring Boot development techniques, from basic functions to hidden features you probably didn’t even know existed. Each recipe is built around a real-world problem and shows you how Spring Boot can provide a simple and elegant solution.

In Spring Boot in Practice you will learn:

- A comprehensive introduction to Spring Boot’s features
- Configuration management, logging, and monitoring Spring Boot applications
- Effective methods for database communication
- Utilizing Spring Security and securing your Spring application in production
- Designing and developing microservices and RESTful APIs with Spring Boot
- Microservice versioning, documentation, and security
- Reactive application development and reactive data access with WebSocket and RSocket
- Deploying Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes and major cloud platforms
- Implementing containerization in a Spring Boot application
- Using Spring Boot with Kotlin and GraalVM

Spring Boot in Practice is full of practical recipes for troubleshooting common development problems with Spring Boot. I have spent years building applications with Spring and share my extensive experience in this focused guide. You’ll master Spring Data, Spring Security, and other Spring-centric solutions for the common business problems you face every day as a software developer.

You can find a preview of the book available at Manning’s website at



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