Monitor Your Boot Applications with Spring Boot Actuator

Spring Boot Actuator lets you monitor and interact with your Spring Boot application. It provides several production-grade features that you can enable in your Spring Boot application at no extra cost.

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We develop applications and run them in production. Any application running in production requires some amount of monitoring to ensure that the application is in desired health condition. This is not a choice but an absolute need to ensure smooth customer service and to be in business. Organizations spent a ton of money on their application monitoring and management infrastructure to ensure these.

Spring Boot provides Spring Boot Actuator that lets you monitor and interact with applications at no extra cost. Spring Boot Actuator provides several powerful yet easy-to-use features that make application monitoring extremely easy. It also lets you integrate with several monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana to effectively use the application metrics and monitor those in real-time.

Overview of the Spring Boot Project

To demonstrate the use of the Spring Boot Actuator, we’ll use a Spring Boot application named pocket-api. This API lets you bookmark your favorite websites along with their category in the application. Nice, isn’t it! You can clone the base version of this project from the GitHub repository.

The Pocket API is straightforward and exposed the REST endpoints that let you perform the CRUD operation to manage the pockets. Following are the exposed REST endpoints:

GET /pockets: Returns all available pockets
GET /pockets/{id}: Returns the pocket associated with the supplied id
POST /pockets: Creates a new pocket
PUT /pockets: Updates an existing pocket
DELETE /pockets/{id}: Deletes the pocket associated with the supplied id

Introducing Spring Boot Actuator



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