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Full Stack Developer, Manning Author for Spring Boot In Practice book, Technical Writer, Course Creator at Udemy. Find more at

Spring Boot in Practice is a Spring Boot book from Manning Publications due to be released this year. A practical Spring Boot guide that aims to provide a solid foundation on Spring Boot and provides an in-depth discussion on several core Spring Boot features such as auto-configurations, actuator, security, and several new features such as reactive Spring Boot, WebSocket, Kotlin DSLs, GraalVM, and many more.

The Querydsl lets us build type-safe queries using its fluent API

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  • Validate that the entities used in the query exists and can be persisted in…

Spring Boot Actuator lets you monitor and interact with your Spring Boot application. It provides several production-grade features that you can enable in your Spring Boot application at no extra cost.


Security is no longer an afterthought, it's a must in any application these days.

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Application Endpoints

Consume web services with Spring Boot and Spring Web Services.

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What are we Building?


Build and Deploy a Spring Boot application in Wildfly Server through Maven

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Setting up WildFly Server

Design document-driven, contract-first SOAP web services with Spring Boot and Spring Web Services.

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What are we Building?

Swagger let us document REST APIs and shares with API Users. It also allows us to generate REST stubs for quick prototyping and mocking

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Functional programming in Java in a better way.

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void accept(T t);
default Consumer<T>…

Most frequently used core annotations in Spring application development

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#1. @Autowired Annotation

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